DAS and DOT Certified

Mather Corporation
21 West Dudley Town Road
Bloomfield, CT 06002

Tel: 860-242-0743
Fax: 860-242-1493

Why Work with Mather Corporation?

Being a fourth-generation, family-owned business brings value to our clients.

And how does that history and experience play out for our client projects?

  • Whatever your job demands, we get it done to your specifications.
  • Whatever your schedule demands, we meet them. In fact, we specialize in fast-track schedules.
  • You have the benefit of a professional organization behind your project: our office, equipment, reputation, licenses, and qualifications. Our staff meets your project’s paperwork, engineering, compliance, and regulatory needs.
  • We take care of managing your project and coordinating with all the other people, agencies, trades, and organizations involved.

You can expect to be kept informed at every step through submittals, schedules, memos, timely submission of paperwork, and phone consultations.